Release notes RheoCube 0.212022-02-15


Composition preprocessing

It is now possible to preprocess compositions. As with all preprocessable ingredients, you must validate your composition first before you can run the preprocess. This preprocessing step is only relevant for microscopic simulations, where the preprocessing will report the final simulation run time in SI units, as well as the definition of the bead relaxation time for this system.

Composition Preprocessing
Composition Preprocessing

Formulations preprocessing for microscopic simulations

The formulations preprocessing step can now be applied to microscopic formulations. The results of this preprocessing step for a microscopic simulation now reports the number of molecules generated, as well as the corresponding mass fractions of each fluid ingredient. If an ingredient in the formulation has been specified with too low a volume fraction to produce any molecules in the microscopic simulation, this preprocessing step will report an error.


Surfactant Microphysics

This release improves the behavior of surfactants in Rheocube. Previously, it was possible to arrive at negative interfacial tensions for certain fluid/interface arrangements. By moving to a symmetric implementation of sharpened interfaces, an ideal surfactant now reproducibly lowers the interfacial tension to near zero, and the behavior of surfactants in general is more stable.

Data analysis and visualization

MiMo: tiling in videos

You can now replicate the experiment box in the visualization multiple times in any direction. This results in videos with multiple tiles, each containing the same data, making it easier to see phase transitions for example.

Rotation in videos

When making a video using the meso or micro video generator widget, you can choose to add rotation around any of the principal axes. Combined with the new option to render multiple frames for a single snapshot, this allows you to rotate the experiment at a fixed point in time.

Known Issues 0.21.x

The following issues are known to exist in the current release. Where possible, we will release a patch to resolve them. You will be notified of any changes and this list will be updated.

(No known issues)

Resolved Issues

These issues were resolved in the current release.

(No issues resolved yet)